Varya – Adopted 2011

Varya was adopted along with her brother Matvey from Russia in November 2011. She was four years old. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It was also said she had a heart defect which healed on its own with no intervention in Russia. She was describe as healthy and quiet with little to no interaction with other children. The orphanage said she had never asked to use the toilet so she was still in diapers. She was extremely small for her age. She also was non-verbal not saying any words.

In the past three years Varya has matured tremendously. In 2012 Varya needed heart surgery to close a whole that was presumed closed in Russia. She is doing well since the surgery but is now going through extensive test due to her size. She has grown very little in three years and has gained little to no weight. She has been on an extremely high calorie diet for the past two years with no success. At this time her doctor is looking into a hormone deficiency.

Within a few weeks home Varya was asking to use the toilet on her own. With in six months she no longer used diapers.

She is now attending public school. Her first year in 2012 she went to public preschool with specialized help. In 2013/2014 she attended kindergarten where she began to read, write, and do basic addition math facts. She receives specialized help within the standard kindergarten class.

Varya is very smart and loves interacting within her classroom. School is Varya’s favorite thing to do, she loves learning. She loves writing and coloring pictures too. She passed kindergarten at the end of the year but due to her extremely small stature she is repeating it again this year. Varya still doesn’t talk much but she can form basic sentences, use sign language and take care all her basic needs.

Although she is serious most of the time she has a very silly side to her. She is well loved and taken care of. She has four other sibling who look out for her. Her family feels very blessed.





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