Sophia – Adopted 2012

Sophia was adopted just after her fourth birthday. She came home October 2012. Her mom knew at the time she adopted her that she had Down Syndrome. Sophia did not have any schooling while in the orphanage. She was living with the 2 year old and younger group.

Sophia has been home just under 2 years and in that two years she has grown so much both physically and mentally. While in Russia Sophia and her mom bonded. The social worker and the prosecutor in court both made comments on how she loving and knowingly responded to her mom. It was told to her mom by an orphanage worker that on the day of court when she did not show up for the second visit (due to the late hour and asked to wait until the next day) that Sophia took a chair and put it in the doorway and cried and waited for her mom. The orphanage staff told her mom she understood who and why her mom was there.

When Sophia came home her mom noticed she was a very restless sleeper and breathed very shallow. They took her to the doctor and were told she had large tonsils that needed to be removed. They had the surgery done and since that day she sleeps peacefully and breaths much easier. Sophia is a very loving child and she knows who her family is. She is very affectionate with her mom, her grandma and her aunt. She loves to give hugs and kisses. Sophia is well loved in return. She is also loved by her teachers and classmates. She attended preschool, kindergarten and is now in first grade. She has been in school for 3 days and many teachers already know her and tell her mom how cute, sweet, and confident she is.

Sophia played baseball last spring and will be signing up again next season. She is very athletic. Her mom is also looking for a soccer team for her for the fall. She loves to dance, sing, play ball, swim and wants to be in gymnastic in a couple years. She also participated in track and field at her school last year.





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