Matvey – Adopted 2011

Matvey was adopted at age 3 in 2011. At the time of his adoption his family knew he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He was unable to walk, stand or do any self help skills such as feeding himself or dressing himself. He did not attend any sort of preschool and had no therapy to help him learn these needed skills. He had many decaying teeth from no dental treatment. He could not talk or communicate in any way.

Over the past three years since being adopted Matvey has grown and matured very much. He began walking after a year of physical therapy in the US. He began feeding himself after eight months of being home. He can now fully dress himself including putting on his own shoes and coat. He attends the local public preschool where he receives speech therapy and physical therapy from professional staff. He is beginning to speak very well. He knows his letters and is starting to count.

After coming to the states he received dental care to repair his teeth and they are now healthy.

Matvey is a very loving boy. He loves all his siblings and enjoys playing with them. He is communicating more and more every day. He is always hugging his mommy and telling her ” I love you”. He is very affectionate and loves being held and read to.

We have stayed in weekly contact with his birth family and they are very happy he has a family. We share many videos and photos with them and they are very pleased he is getting so big and is so happy.

Matvey is a blessing to all of his family. He is kind, funny and very loving. He loves music, dancing, school and especially loves his mama.

Everyone Matvey comes in contact with falls in love with his smile, personality and his charm.





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