Katie Wallace Meyer

“Our son is adopted from Chely. We lived in Moscow from 2012-1014. We went black to Chely 3 times while living there…twice to visit his infant home. They remembered him and it was like he was famous. So many caregivers came to see and hug him. He was 20 months at time of adoption and now 10. Having lived there, we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the people. With that being said, it was so hard to live there and not help or volunteer in the orphanages. I had high hopes to help! And then the ban happened. I mentioned something to the U.S. ambassador to Russia in passing. Our children went to the same school. He and Obama did absolutely nothing to intervene. My heart sank and broke for these precious children who deserve a loving home and who are so wanted. A political nightmare where children pay the price!”

-Katie Wallace Meyer

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