Julian – Adopted 2012

Julian was 3 years old when he was adopted from Russia in 2012. He will be 5 in October. Julian was born without a left hand and his medical history said that he had heart problems. Because of these disabilities 15 other families who had been offered his file refused to meet him. His mother was prepared to accept these things. However, none of his heart problems were confirmed by American doctors once he was home in the US but he also had significant speech and developmental delays.

It took a few visits at the orphanage for Julian to warm up to his mom but by the end of the last visit he was calling her mom and pushing other children away from her. Once home his mom said they had no issues bonding and feels very blessed about that. She is from Russian and so was able to communicate with him very well although because of his speech delays he did not same much back in the beginning.

Julian has had one medical procedure done in USA besides routine check ups with pediatrician, cardiologist and endocrinologist (because of his slow growth). He was fitted for a prosthetic hand.

Julian is enrolled in soccer, yoga, swimming, dance, art and gymnastics classes. Julian had no activities in Russia besides the orphanage living.

Julian was featured in a Russian article on the anniversary of the ban. Here is the link to the article.





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