Isabella Daria – Adopted 2011

Isabella Daria had just turned 3 years old when her family brought her home from Russia in 2011. She is now 5 years old. She will be home three years this Christmas.

Bella was born with Down syndrome and her family was aware of the diagnoses before they adopted her. On their first meeting in Russia her family was told that she was considered a lump of meat and the orphanage didn’t believe she would be able to do much. She could barely crawl and she could not talk. Bella could not chew or feed herself. She had to be fed pureed foods. Bella appeared to be sedated the first day they saw her and her eyes rolled and crossed.

When they first met Bella the bonding with her mom was immediate. She warmed up to her mom and allowed her mom to hold her close. She was scared of her Dad and would cry. The first time they took her outside her mom had to walk around with her and console her. She appeared to be afraid of the sun. By the end of the week Bella allowed her dad to hold her. When they came back to Russia for court Bella was like a different child. She was more alert and was crawling. She came right up to her family and was ready for hugs and kisses. Bella wanted to be held by them and appeared to know who they were and that they were there for her. Their facilitator even commented on how much she had changed. The caregiver commented on what their attention and love had done for her. Bella’s family cannot imagine their life without her. She greets them with open arms when they come home. Bella laughs, hugs and kisses them multiple times each day. She is such a loving little girl.

Bella did not have any medical procedures done in Russia. After coming home her family found out via a swallow study that Bella was aspirating on thin liquids. She had a sleep study done that showed she needed her adenoids removed. Bella had surgery to have her adenoids removed and also had eye surgery to repair her eye issues. Bella needed ear tubes placed. Bella was also enrolled in physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Bella was not enrolled in school in Russia. Within a few weeks of coming home Bella was enrolled in Pre School. She is now starting kindergarten. Bella is talking in sentences. She can say her family’s names. Bella can feed herself and tell her family what she wants to eat. She loves to sing and dance. Bella seeks out her friends. She knows her ABC’s. She can count and is starting to know her colors.

Bella has been treasured and adored since coming home to her family. They attend church together. She has been baptized into the Catholic Church. They have gone to the beach for summer vacation. Bella has been camping. She enjoys going swimming with her family. Bella has been to the zoo. She played her first summer league of baseball this summer. When they go places they always go as a family.

Her family thanks God every day that Bella is a part of their family. She is a sweet, loving and funny little girl. She is adored by each one of her siblings. Her friends and teachers adore Bella. She is very loved! #lookwhatlovecando





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