Christmas Letter 2014

On December 21, 2012, we experienced a tragedy that forever changed our lives and the lives of the children we were forced to leave behind. The Dima Yakovlev law intended to severe our ties to these children, however, our love knows no bounds. As the American parents of the children who remain in orphanages and institutions on this second Christmas apart, we share the following hopes and wishes for this day and every day forward.

To our beloved children:

It is every parent’s hope they will leave this world a better place for their children. Beyond our primary goal of ensuring you are cared for and loved, we wish so deeply for your life to be better, easier, and even more fulfilling than our own. The reality of being unable to provide you these opportunities, toinfluence your future and ensure your happiness, continues to be unimaginable.

Through the months spent dreaming of you, the weeks spent preparing for your arrival, and every second of every day we were able to spend in your presence, you became a cherished and loved member of our family and a piece of our soul. We are bound to you by something far more permanent than a piece of paper, the deep and lasting imprint you made on our hearts. Despite time and distance, our love for you continues to grow and the hope that we may hold you in our arms again one day remains strong.

On our second Christmas apart, we pray you feel this love and it surrounds you with the warmth and comfort we so desperately wish we could be there to provide. You deserve the magic this holiday season brings to all children and so much more. You deserve a loving home, goodnight stories, kisses when you fall down, family vacations, birthday parties, grandparents who spoil you, and parents who are proud of you.

We ask once again, with pleading hearts, for President Putin to reconsider our request to bring you home where you will be loved wholeheartedly and provided every opportunity to reach your potential. Regardless of the outcome, please know we will not give up. Our love will continue to find you across the ocean and our days will continue to be filled with thoughts of you.

We hope the next time you look up at the sky you will feel our presence. We see the same clouds and wish on the same stars as you, our beloved children.

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