Jamie Meadows-Valley

“This makes me sad but above all, it makes me angry. Angry for every second every child sits behind those walls. Angry for every suppressed laugh and every single wasted hug. We are good people from good families and these children are deserving of our love, only they won’t ever know. Politics vs. Basic human […]

Katie Wallace Meyer

“Our son is adopted from Chely. We lived in Moscow from 2012-1014. We went black to Chely 3 times while living there…twice to visit his infant home. They remembered him and it was like he was famous. So many caregivers came to see and hug him. He was 20 months at time of adoption and […]

Diana’s Golden Needle

“I am 15 and I was adopted from Kalmykia, Russia in 2001.Here is a really interesting movie trailer I found that talks about Russian President Putin’s ban on adoptions to the U.S. since 2012. Many innocent children and parents have been caught in the middle of this and the children couldn’t be adopted even though […]

Emily – Adopted 2012


Emily was 23 months old when she was adopted from Russia in 2012. She is now 3 1/2 years old. She has been home for almost 2 years. Emily was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Her family knew she had Down syndrome prior to meeting her in 2012. Emily was slightly shy when her family first […]

Julian – Adopted 2012


Julian was 3 years old when he was adopted from Russia in 2012. He will be 5 in October. Julian was born without a left hand and his medical history said that he had heart problems. Because of these disabilities 15 other families who had been offered his file refused to meet him. His mother […]

Isabella Daria – Adopted 2011


Isabella Daria had just turned 3 years old when her family brought her home from Russia in 2011. She is now 5 years old. She will be home three years this Christmas. Bella was born with Down syndrome and her family was aware of the diagnoses before they adopted her. On their first meeting in […]

Dasha – Adopted 2012


Dasha was 6 1/2 years old when she was adopted in 2012. She is now 8 years old. She has been home for almost 21 months. Dasha’s family met her in July 2012 and knew she had Down syndrome before they met her. They visited with her 5 times on that trip. They began to […]

Varya – Adopted 2011


Varya was adopted along with her brother Matvey from Russia in November 2011. She was four years old. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It was also said she had a heart defect which healed on its own with no intervention in Russia. She was describe as healthy and quiet with little to no interaction […]

Sophia – Adopted 2012


Sophia was adopted just after her fourth birthday. She came home October 2012. Her mom knew at the time she adopted her that she had Down Syndrome. Sophia did not have any schooling while in the orphanage. She was living with the 2 year old and younger group. Sophia has been home just under 2 […]

Matvey – Adopted 2011


Matvey was adopted at age 3 in 2011. At the time of his adoption his family knew he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He was unable to walk, stand or do any self help skills such as feeding himself or dressing himself. He did not attend any sort of preschool and had no therapy to […]